Strips and Stages Register

1 - Accepting the tapes of the House of Science:
- The student must be between (17-23) years old.
- The student must have a certificate (third intermediate) and onwards.
- The student should not be affiliated with the political and religious parties, and should not pledge to belong to either of them during the period of residence.
- The student must be a full-time student in the Al-Hawzawi school, and he has no official work or time in any governmental or non-governmental department.
- To undertake to abide by the controls of Dar Al-Alam school.
- Obtain a definition and written recommendation from the Supreme Reference Agents (in Najaf).
- Submission of official documents with a personal picture.
- Fill in the registration form.
- Success in the scientific interview.
- Accepting the internal department system.

2. Fill in the registration form:
- Starred fields must be completed.
- The student undertakes to enter valid data.

3. Submission of documents:
- A recent portrait.
- Copy of the last certificate of study.
- Copy of personal identity or passport.
- A copy of the definition and written recommendation of the Supreme Reference Agents (in Najaf).

4- Scientific interview:
- At this stage you will be enrolled in the school temporarily.
- You will be notified of the time of the scientific interview via e-mail.
- You will receive the student number and through this you can communicate with us.

5 - Acceptance of the internal section:
- After the approval of the system of the internal section will be registered in the House of Education final.